MESSAGE #2314 from the Blessed Mother May 8, 2002
 My daughter, These messages are for all my children, not just for those who have been chosen to write. All must take a stand for life. All must do their part to make the Gospel known. Do not give up praying for an end to abortion. Pray more and pray the Rosary wherever lives are being destroyed. Join hands and witness to those who are choosing death instead of life. Protect life in love and through prayer.

Please dear children, move forward with courage and hope and do all that you can to save souls. Reach out to those doctors who are using their hands to destroy life. Reach out in love, so more come to know the truth before it’s too late.

Satan desires to destroy life through hatred and abortion. Satan is viscous, but what you must remember is your prayers and your love for Jesus will make him flee. Your prayers are powerful if you pray, pray from your heart. Pray for the conversion of all sinners and for peace in the world. Pray every day, for Satan is strong and he is trying to destroy love in the world through division, scandals and the media. Satan is sly and will tempt those who do not know the truth. Satan will attack those who do not pray or trust in Almighty God. Prayer is your protection. Through prayer and true devotion to Jesus, evil can be destroyed. Never cease praying. Pray more; unite in love and unity. Pray each new day and carry Jesus in your heart, so that His love and mercy shine though you.

Please take this message seriously and pray more or you will see much more destruction and division. Without prayer, many more will choose not to walk with my Son, Jesus. Now, please unite in prayer, in harmony and in love. Amen.