MESSAGE #2318 from the Blessed Mother May 16, 2002
 My daughter, My heart is open for all my children, so please open your hearts and listen, listen to what I am telling you. Listen and then respond, so you come to know my Son in a deeper way. Listen and respond, so that I can assist you on this earth. Without a true response and an open heart, I cannot lead you closer, closer to my Son, Jesus.

Please dear children, pray and fast, so that you do not become entangled by the serpent’s tail. Consecrate yourselves and those whom you are praying for, to my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Bind your Rosaries around this world and pray, pray for unbelievers. Increase your prayers for an end to abortion, for abortion is the greatest sin in this world. Each abortion that is done adds many wounds to Jesus’ Most Precious Body. Abortion is an evil that must be stopped!

Can you not understand; you are destroying yourselves? There cannot be peace in this world, if you do not take a stand for life. Please cherish life and do your part to save souls. Reach out in love and pray; pray more. Reach out now, for each soul is so precious to God. How I weep over the loss of so many of my children. So many refuse my extended hand. Many today are not taking these messages seriously and their soul is withering away. Many today are so consumed in their wealth, they have no idea what is taking place all around this world.

My daughter, today I must take you behind closed doors. You will feel my pain and you will see how man is trying to control this world. Many meetings are taking place and only prayer and true devotion to God will stop what is coming your way. The smoke of Satan has become a dark cloud over this earth. Many have become blind to the truth and are making up their own rules. So many are refusing to obey all of God’s Commandments. Disobedience and laziness is why so much evil is creeping into the Church. Lack of prayer and true devotion to our Lord, is what will cause even more division and destruction.

I am warning my children today to convert now and reform your lives. Step down from your throne and allow God to be in control. Let go of your worldly ways and get down on your knees. Pray more and again I say to you, double your penance. Come to Mass and cleanse your soul more regularly. Increase your time to be with Jesus, for then the enemy will flee. Doubt no more in these messages, for they are truly a warning from Heaven. They are being given because of God’s great love for all His children. They are for all our children, so more awake and turn to Almighty God.

Will you please join hands and pray more? Will you please accept God’s unconditional love and turn away from sin? Will you please pray the Rosary and urge all your brothers and sisters to do so also? Please use your hands and voice and go forth and proclaim the Gospel. In this way, I can continue to intervene and intercede for my children.

The choice is yours, so please do not abuse this time which has so graciously been given you. There is no longer time to walk two roads. Choose now and live a life that is united with God. Choose now and cherish, cherish life. Now is the time to truly move, move forward. Examine your conscience now and respond and listen to the Word of God. Amen.