MESSAGE #2403 from the Blessed Mother November 6, 2002
 My daughter, God truly loves, loves all His children, for each child is precious in His eyes.

Today I ask my children, do you truly appreciate God's love for you? If so, then you must be a more thankful people and be more grateful for the many blessings God has given each of you. You must cherish life and do all that you can to save souls. You must work together and pray, pray more. You must pray and love one another and take hold of your family. You must rescue those who have turned away from God and live, live in harmony. You must allow God to be first in your lives, so that you do not give in to the world.

Each of you must do your part in spreading these messages of love to the entire world; this can be accomplished by your example. If you truly live these messages, more will come to know the truth. If you reach out in love, more will see Christ in you. If you take a stand for life with love in your hearts, more will come to know the truth. Abortion will end if people truly come to know God’s love for them. You must begin now to put your words into action. You must be true servants and be loving, humble children. You must obey all of God’s commandments if you truly want to be an example to all your brothers and sisters.

Yes, prayers, many prayers are needed, but so too are your hands and your actions. You must imitate Christ and truly live the Gospel. You must be open to whomever God sends to you, for there are so many who are suffering in so many ways. There are so many homeless children who need to be cared for in the proper way. You must allow God's Holy Words in Scripture to be a part of your life. You must receive the Sacraments often so you have the Grace needed to live a holy life.

You must truly live the Gospel, or I am warning you, a great darkness will cover the world. Many will suffer if you don't go forth and use your hands and voice for Christ. Many more lives will be destroyed if you do not take a stand for life. The day is near, so I plead with you today to pray more. I plead with you to do your part so more souls are saved. Live these messages and truly love, love one another by your actions. I will truly be there for those who listened to me and who put into practice my messages.

Now, please obey God and turn to Him each new day. Obey God and listen, listen as He speaks to you. Do what God is asking of you and live, live your faith. Abortion is the greatest sin in this world, so please join hands and do your part so more come to know God's love, mercy and peace. Pray and do your part so lives are not destroyed. Each soul is precious in God's eyes, so please be thankful now and cherish this time to go forth and save souls. Amen.