MESSAGE #2501 from the Blessed Mother July 11, 2003
 My daughter, Pray for those who are destroying life, for this is the greatest sin against God. Life is precious in God’s eyes and man must not destroy life. Man must cherish life, not destroy it. Woe to those who are not obeying God’s commandments. Woe to those who are choosing who should live and who should die. Prayers are truly needed, for many abortions are taking place all around this world. All must be willing to take a stand for life. All must do their part to save souls.

I say to all my children, join hands now and pray for an end to abortion. Pray for those who are living in darkness and who are taking part in destroying lives. Pray that more will turn to God and do penance for their sins. Many, many will suffer if they do not repent and amend their ways. I plead with you today to pray, pray more. I plead with you to do your part in saving souls. I am asking you to pick up your cross and make sacrifices for the salvation of souls. I am asking for your assistance, for abortion is on the rise, so please protect the unborn through prayer, unity and love.

Reach out to all your brothers and sisters and help those who are in need. Help those who are listening to Satan’s lies, for he truly wants to destroy as many souls as he can. Satan is vicious and he will attack wherever one is weak. Teach my youth so they make better choices on this earth. Teach them to live holy and chaste lives. Teach all who will listen so more turn to God before it’s too late.

Please heed my words of truth, for the time, dear children, is drawing near. God will not have mercy on those who are destroying lives, so please, please respond and pray, pray more. Respond by doing your part so more souls can be saved around this world. Prayer and action on your part can truly save souls, so please do not abuse this time, do more. Do not become lax in prayer, pray more. In time you will each have to answer to God, so please do not be lazy children.

Now, please implore God’s mercy and adore Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Spend time with Jesus and do all that He is asking, asking of you. Life is your gift, so please be more thankful and do all that you can to save souls. Be thankful for God’s goodness, mercy and love. Amen.