MESSAGE #2596 from the Blessed Mother March 1, 2004
 My daughter, If one wants to be a true follower of Christ, one must be willing to pick up their cross with joy. One must not deny Christ, they must be willing to suffer for our Lord.

Today, one must ask themselves, are you willing to be persecuted for sharing your faith? Do you hide your love of knowing Jesus or do you shine, shine for our Lord? I am here today to remind my children that you must let go of all fear and go forth and live, live the Gospel. You must go forth in love and truly share your faith. You must not sit back and be silent; you must speak the truth.

This world needs to know that sin continues to crucify my Son. Jesus’ wounds are becoming deeper because so many are choosing darkness. So many today are living in mortal sin. Sin has become widespread because many today are refusing to pick up their cross and follow Jesus. Many are choosing darkness because they do not want to give up their worldly ways.

I weep today because so many are on the wrong path. Many are choosing hell because they do not want to repent or amend their ways. So many innocent lives are being destroyed because of pride and selfishness. Abortion is the greatest sin in this world. All of Heaven weeps each time an abortion is performed.

Please, dear children, weep with me today. Examine your conscience and be truly sorry for your sins. Repent and do penance for your sins before it’s too late. Get down on your knees and pray, pray from your heart. Take part in healing Jesus’ wounds. Stop complaining and accept each cross that is given to you.

God has allowed each cross for your salvation, so be thankful and let go of bitterness and fear. Be thankful for all trials, suffering and persecution, for God truly knows what is best for your soul. God knows what will truly help you. God knows how much each of you can endure. God is truly with you, so be brave and do your part for the salvation of souls. Do your part or you will feel the earth tremble more.

Now, please turn to Jesus and look to Him for strength, for you shall never have to carry your cross alone. Go forth as true believers and take heed, take heed to Heaven’s call. Amen.