MESSAGE #2630 from the Blessed Mother May 18, 2004
 My daughter, Those who believe in God must obey His laws. Those who are breaking God’s Commandments are not living their faith. Those who are promoting abortion are breaking all of God’s Commandments. One cannot say they love God when they are choosing to destroy life.

How I weep when I see so many children making up their own rules. I weep because many today are taking the easier road. So many souls are in danger because they are refusing to obey Almighty God. So many innocent children are being slaughtered in their mother’s womb, yet many remain silent.

I say to my children , those who support, endorse or practice abortion will suffer, suffer tremendously. God will not have mercy on those who are choosing death instead of life. Abortion is a horrible sin and many, many will have to answer to God. I say to my children, repent of your wicked ways. Stop killing, stop fighting and turn your lives around. Stop listening to Satan, for he is full of lies. Abortion and contraception is truly destroying the family.

Today, I must warn my children, for so many are giving in to Satan. If man does not repent and take a stand for life, God’s Justice will prevail soon. The sky will darken and the sun will fall upon this earth. Arrows of fire will scorch this earth and each abortion site will be destroyed. Many will try to run, but they will have nowhere to hide.

It is time to wake up and take a stand for life. It is time to take heed to what your Most Holy Pope is telling you. He has been chosen for these times, so please, please listen to Him. Do not give in to those leaders who are promoting abortion. Do not go to those doctors who believe in abortion and contraception. They are not listening to God. They are not obeying God’s Commandments. They do not have healing hands, for they are taking part in destroying life.

I have been warning my children for some time now, yet many are still disobeying God. America, you are being warned. Abortion is the greatest sin and destroyer of peace. If this world does not convert, you will face serious consequences. If man continues to destroy life, the earth will tremble, tremble more.

Your prayers are truly needed. Your hands and voice can make a difference in this darkened world. Let the world know that abortion, euthanasia and the practice of homosexuality are wrong. Let the world know by your prayers and example that God truly exists.

It is time now to protect the family, so please take part in saving souls. Amen.