MESSAGE #2685 from the Blessed Mother October 13, 2004
 My daughter, Those leaders who are not for life will not protect this country; their hearts are cold and they are disobeying God’s Commandments.

Those who believe in abortion are being fooled by Satan. Satan loves death and will do all that he can to destroy life. Life is precious in God’s eyes and one cannot pick and choose which Commandments to obey. One cannot decide who should live and who should die. Abortion is the greatest sin in this world. Abortion is murder and is not acceptable in God’s eyes.

Please, dear children, do not be fooled by Satan. Do not give in to his evil ways, for he is the serpent of lies. Do the opposite of what Satan is telling you and be willing to stand up for the truth. All faiths must respect life. All must join hands and pray for an end to abortion. All must live God’s laws and be loving towards one another.

Please take time now to examine your conscience. Take time to pray and repent of all wrong doing. Take time to converse with God so that you truly come to know the truth. The truth, dear children, will be revealed to you, but you in turn must spend time with God.

Today, I ask that you fast and pray so more choose life instead of death upon your soul. Pray for your world leaders. Pray for your Priests so they truly shepherd their flock. Today is a day to pray, for hell truly exists. Many souls are on the wrong path so pray, pray throughout the day.

I am here to guide you, so please listen, obey God and live, live each Commandment. Amen.