MESSAGE #2691 from the Blessed Mother October 29, 2004
 My daughter, Peace will come when there is unity, unity amongst my children. It will take much prayer, fasting and sacrifice in order for love to be spread across this world. If my requests are obeyed, this world will change and there will be peace.

Without more prayer and repentance, a bloodier battle will unfold. I have been warning my children for some time now, yet so many refuse to accept my heavenly pleas. Sin is what causes destruction. Sin destroys the soul. Sin has become widespread and my children must wake up soon. Sin has added many wounds to Jesus’ Most Precious Body.

Each time an abortion is performed, Satan rejoices. Satan rejoices because abortion is the greatest sin in this world. Very few realize how many abortions are taking place around this world. Bishops must make it known. They must speak the truth and take a stand for life. They must not ignore what is taking place around this world. Bishops must use their hands and voice for Christ. There is no longer time to be silent when so many souls are being destroyed.

Do not think that God will not punish this world. Believe that your time is running out to wake your flock. Believe that time is short and live, live these messages. This world will be severely punished if you continue to remain silent. All must obey God’s laws and it is your job to make the Commandments known. Abortion breaks every Commandment, so why, why dear Bishops, are you not making this known? Every day you must pray for an end to abortion. Every day you must shepherd your flock.

Be more thankful for each new message. Be thankful that my time to be with you has not ended. When this time for me to be with you in such a personal way ends, you will not be reminded anymore. You will have but little time to prepare your flock.

You will each need to be strong, strong in your faith. Don’t wait for the earth to tremble more, for when God shakes this earth, it will be felt all around this world. Many are not living the Gospel, why, because many Bishops are not making it known.

This message is for the world, for each child has a soul. I am here to assist you. I am here because of God’s mercy and love. I am here, your Mother of Mercy, for the Gospel must be spread. Amen.