MESSAGE #2729 from the Blessed Mother January 26, 2005
 My daughter, Each time you say yes to God, souls are saved, so continue forth as Our messenger and use your hands and voice for Christ. You were chosen the day you were conceived, so be thankful, for this was all part of God’s plan.

Each soul is precious in God’s eyes, so tell the world to be thankful for life. Tell the world abortion is wrong and that it destroys lives. Abortion is the greatest sin in this world and it truly adds wounds to Jesus’ Most Precious Body. The earth will continue to tremble if man continues to deny the truth. Please make the Gospel known and obey each Commandment.

My daughter, I ask that you offer all your suffering and pain for those who are furthest away from Jesus. Pray and fast for those souls who are destroying life, for they are listening to Satan’s lies. Pray every day, for many souls are on the wrong path. Pray every day, for time is short and many souls are in danger of losing their soul. Pray every day for all my children throughout the world. Today I am asking for more prayer, so pray for the souls in Purgatory. Pray for the unborn, for abortion is taking place all around this world.

Without more prayer, abortion will increase among the youth. This will cause much destruction to society and to the family. The whole world is in need of prayer, for many, many youth are living in mortal sin. Many cult groups are forming because the youth are not being taught in the proper way. So many children are not being cared for so they are choosing to live in sin. Through family prayer, these children can be rescued. Through family prayer, conversion can happen.

I plead with parents today to pray together as a family. Pray with your family and love, love one another. Pray each new day and do not be afraid to serve God. Pray each new day and believe that many graces are given to those families who pray together. Believe and pray, for God truly answers all prayers. God knows what is best for each child, so please respond more joyfully and pray, pray from your hearts. A response is needed, so do not neglect family prayer.

My daughter, on this special day, God is asking for more prayer, so believe that you have been chosen to suffer as you make the Gospel known. One day, you will be with us in Heaven and that, my daughter, will be your most special day. God and I are truly with you, so continue to do God’s Most Holy Will. Amen.