MESSAGE #2784 from the Blessed Mother June 1, 2005
 My daughter, Prayer will bring you peace, so stay close, close to Jesus. Share your day with my Son and carry Him with you wherever you go. Each time my Son speaks to you, listen to His words and then do all that He is asking of you.

Time is moving quickly, so please share your love of knowing Jesus. Share your love of knowing Jesus and be willing to suffer for those who are choosing darkness. There are many troubled areas in the world and many, many need prayer. Many are starving spiritually because of their refusal to come to know Jesus. Many families are in turmoil because of lack of love in the home. So much evil exists because so many are giving in to the ways of the world.

I am here to teach my children, but many are refusing to listen. Many have turned their backs on my Son. So many babies are being killed throughout the world. Abortion is on the rise because so many do not respect life. Each abortion adds many wounds to Jesus’ Most Precious Body. Abortion is the greatest sin in this world. Sin is what will destroy humanity.

Many prayers and sacrifices are needed because evil has become widespread. Many Rosaries are needed in order to lessen what is coming your way, so please join hands and fill the church. Join hands and pray together and implore God’s mercy. Pray your Rosary every day. Live the Gospel, make sacrifices for the sins of the world. Trust in God and believe in the power of prayer.
Now, please spend time in prayer and do all that you can to please Almighty God. Amen.