MESSAGE #2821 from the Blessed Mother October 12, 2005
 My daughter, Pray, pray for an end to abortion. Pray and then do what you can to stop the many abortions that are taking place all around the world. Each time an abortion is performed, the earth trembles more.

Please, please dear children, use your hands and voice for Christ. Witness to those who are on the wrong path. Witness in love and pray for those who are choosing death instead of life. Make atonement for the sins of man. Turn away from sin and live, live your faith. Live a pure and holy life and obey each Commandment.

The time is drawing near and you each need to do your part for the salvation of souls. Are you truly taking part in saving souls? Are you praying throughout the day? Are you sharing your faith and witnessing in love?

Please examine your conscience and then do what God is asking of you. More could be accomplished if my children truly listened to God. More could be accomplished if my children took heed to my messages. More could be accomplished if my children truly lived all that their Most Holy Pope was teaching them.

My message today is to listen and then respond, respond to Almighty God. Listen and receive the Sacraments faithfully so you have the grace needed to live your faith. Now is the time to listen, listen and prepare, prepare your soul. Amen