MESSAGE #2853 from the Blessed Mother January 26, 2006
 My daughter, I am with you on this very special day. You were chosen the day you were conceived, so give thanks to God and to your parents who said yes to life. Give thanks to God for each new day so that more souls can be saved.

Today, I have great sorrow for the many babies that are aborted each day. I weep each time an abortion is performed. Many, many aborted babies were chosen to do great work for Our Lord. The world will truly suffer for destroying so many precious souls. The world will truly suffer because sin has become widespread. Abortion is the greatest sin in this world, this is why so many statues are weeping tears of blood.

Mankind must wake up. Abortion and pornography must stop. Those children who are choosing to live in sin, must repent. My chosen Priests must speak up. They must take a stand for life and let the world know that hell exists. They must live the Gospel and take heed to my messages, for they are truly a warning from God. Fear must not stand in the way. My children must obey God’s Commandments.

Please, dear chosen sons, make these messages known. Let go of fear, for my messages are that of love and concern for all my children. My heart bleeds for my children because so many are ignoring God’s messages to the world. My heart bleeds because many are not preparing their soul. So many are giving in to sin. Many have fallen away from the Sacraments and they are living in mortal sin.

Dear priests, you have but little time to open your doors and feed your flock. There is no longer time for excuses. You must each work full-time for God. You must live your vocation, instead of compromising with the world. Sin, sin has become widespread. Why, dear Priests, are you being silent? Why, why are so many of my children afraid to speak the truth? Why are you ignoring Heaven’s call to humanity? Why are you sitting so comfortably in your homes?

Each of you will have to answer to God. Each of you must live, live your vocation and take a stand for life. I have so much to teach the world, but due to a lack of response, my messages will soon come to an end. Those who are not changing in this time of preparation, will suffer, suffer tremendously. Darkness is everywhere and you must be light, light to this darkened world.

My daughter, God’s Justice will prevail, so please continue to write and share all that I am teaching you. Continue to share your gifts that God has given you. Continue forth as Our messenger no matter how dark this world becomes. In time, all will know the seriousness of these messages. In time, all will see their soul. Change is about to happen soon, for God will continue to cleanse the earth. Many, many will suffer if they continue to reject God. Many will suffer, for there are many terrorists who are sharpening their sword.

My daughter, your hands and voice are needed, so continue forth now as God’s chosen messenger. Continue forth and always remember that Heaven awaits those who believe in God and who are true servants for Our Lord. My love I give to you. My gift to you is my Son, Jesus. Amen