MESSAGE #3020 from the Blessed Mother September 20, 2007
 My daughter, The Gospel must be spread so more come to know My Son, Jesus.

Please, dear children, join hands and live your Faith. Speak the truth or you will see darker days. Please take part in healing Jesus’ wounds. When you live a lukewarm life, you add wounds to Jesus’ Most Precious Body.

Abortion is on the rise because my children are not taking a stand for life. Please work together and assist those children who are on the wrong path. Assist those mothers who are unable to care for their children. These mothers need to see Christ in you. Please be loving, caring children so more turn to God instead of having an abortion.

Through prayer and sacrifice on your part, each of you can make a difference in this world. If you use your hands and voice, life will not be destroyed. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you so more see Christ in you. Each of you must do your part in order to be true servants for Our Lord.

Now, please pick up your cross and take a stand for life. Pick up your cross, obey God and be willing to serve Our Lord. Amen.